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When you think about undertaking gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda, Rwanda or D.R. Congo, the first tool you must secure is the gorilla permit. A gorilla permit grants a visitor permission to access the park to engage in a trek to see a family of mountain gorillas or Eastern lowland gorilla in Bwindi national park

Gorilla permits are significant conservation tools used to regulate the number of visitors with plans to enjoy up close and personal encounter with gorilla families in the wild. This is considering the status of these apes and the entire idea is intended to reduce on the chances of exposing them to infectious human diseases and psychological pressures.

Gorilla permits are available for both normal gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experiences. Obtaining a valid gorilla permit means you can trek one of the habituated gorilla groups in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

Securing a gorilla permit

The cost of gorilla permits varies from one gorilla safari destination to the other. If you have plans to go gorilla trekking in Uganda, a valid gorilla permit can be booked at USD 800 per person. In Rwanda, you can obtain a permit at USD 1500 per visitor and in the D.R. Congo, permits cost USD 400 per visitor.

The fastest way to book a gorilla permit is by dealing with a registered travel company on the ground. Dealing with experts on the ground means they undertake the entire process to have your permit secured without you physically involving yourself. It is a strenuous process to have gorilla permits booked and one may not manage to secure one depending on their tight schedules. This is why you should consider contacting a reliable travel company such as ours to have everything fixed from gorilla permits to planning the entire gorilla safari.

Gorilla habituation permits 2024/2026

Gorilla habituation is the process in which wild gorillas undergo training in order to make them get used to human presence. This step-to-step process takes about 2-3 years involving daily visit/monitoring of gorillas by researchers or scientists while observing their daily behaviors. On gorilla tour, it is possible to be part of gorilla habituation experience and this is only done while in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

You can only be part of Bwindi gorilla habituation experience if you have a valid permit. A permit for gorilla habituation can be obtained at USD 1500 per person for category of foreign non-residents, USD 1000 for foreign residents and lastly, East African citizens (inclusive of Ugandans) shs. 750,000 per visitor.

The difference between normal gorilla trekking and habituation is that during gorilla habituation, you have up to 4 hours to be in the presence of gorilla family. This is not the case with normal gorilla trekking where you have a maximum of an hour to interact with a family of gorillas. Gorilla habituation is only done in Rushaga sector, the Southern end of Bwindi and for normal treks, you visit Volcanoes NP, Virunga, Mgahinga and the rest of sectors in Bwindi.

How to buy a gorilla permit

Gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo can be booked using any of the 2 criteria. You can contact the local tour operator –this is considered to be the fastest way to have your permit booked. The other option is contacting directly the reservation team of the park authorities of respective gorilla trekking destination. In Uganda, you can contact Uganda Wildlife Authority whose headquarters are in Kamwokya, Kampala.

The most convenient way is by dealing with the local tour operator. There are enormous advantages that come with dealing directly through the tour operator –first, they can walk into the offices of Uganda Wildlife Authority and have things done. This may not be the case if you dealt directly and in any case, where your presence is needed and you are unable given the distance. Save a lot by reaching out to our reservation team to have your permit booked and entire gorilla trip planned appropriately by the experts.

When to book gorilla permits (Congo, Rwanda and Uganda)

Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda or Rwanda/D.R. Congo should be booked in advance. We recommend that you make booking of your permit at least 2-6 months before the actual date when you intend to take part in the trek to see gorillas. In general, the demand for permits is high, especially around the peak months of the year –June, July, August, September, December, January, and February. Note, on daily trek, only 8 tourists are permitted to trek a maximum of one habituated gorilla group.

What is included on a gorilla permit cost?

The cost of gorilla permit regardless of the destination covers the park entrance fees, park guide and the experience with gorillas. The cost of permit excludes the porter fees, bottled water, accommodation, packing list items, transportation and others.

Who is eligible to obtain a gorilla permit?

Provided that you are above 15 years, you are considered to be eligible to book a gorilla permit or engage in active gorilla trekking experience. When booking a permit, all visitors’ details are required including your name, age, and others. You will be asked to present a valid passports with your details and even on actual trek, the park official will conduct verification before you join others for briefing.

Where to go to see gorillas

The best places in Africa to see gorillas include Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. These are the must-visit destinations if you are interested in mountain gorilla encounters. In each, there is a place to visit for you to start the gorilla trekking adventure. In Uganda, you can choose from the 2 parks –Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Rwanda gorilla safaris are only carried out in Volcanoes National Park in Ruhengeri in the Northwestern side of the country. The D.R. Congo gorilla destinations include Virunga National Park for mountain gorilla encounters and Kahuzi-Biega National Park for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking safaris. Amazingly, you can combine gorilla treks with other experiences or engage in a gorilla tour across all the destinations.

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