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Packing right for gorilla trekking is part of achieving a successful gorilla safari holiday regardless of the destination. tourists trekking gorillas in Bwindi forestGorilla trekking is a special primate adventure that allows you to spend quality time in the wild with the rare mountain gorillas or Eastern lowland gorillas. To most trekkers, this is best known as a life-changing experience and indeed it is.

Before you consider traveling to Uganda, Rwanda or D.R. Congo for gorilla trekking, consider what to pack for your holiday. The experience in the tropical rainforest where gorillas live is completely different and the entire adventure is unpredictable, the reason you must be fully prepared. Here are some of the essentials to pack for your gorilla trekking tour;

A pair of long trousers, long-sleeved shirts or t-shirt, plus long socks

Pack good long trouser and long sleeved shirts/t-shirts plus a pair of socks. These key elements play a significant role especially in protecting your skin as much as possible while you are in the jungles in search of gorillas. The jungles where gorillas stay isn’t the usual city environment.

Trekking with mountain gorillas/eastern lowland gorillas is entirely about winding through the dense rainforest with the park guide. Long-sleeved shirts help protect you from thorny branches and socks are ideal because you will be required to tack in the trousers into them to prevent any crawling insect from having access to your thighs.

A pair of good hiking/trekking gloves

Gardening/trekking gloves are essential to for any gorilla safari and shouldn’t miss out of your packing gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. The trekking gloves are helpful, especially in protecting you from getting pricked by the thorny and itchy plants.

Light and waterproof rain jacket

Walking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search for a family of mountain gorillas generally requires adequate preparation. A light and waterproof rain jacket should be part of your packing list for gorilla trekking. This is essential especially when it rains –and take note that the weather patterns not only in Bwindi or Mgahinga but others too are unpredictable.

A pair of waterproof hiking boots

Carry a good and waterproof hiking or trekking boots for your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. The hiking boots should offer support to the ankles when you are walking and also while navigating via the muddy or slippery area, they should provide grip.

A tin of insect repellent

Trekking through the gorilla safari parks in search of gorillas means you an immersion into the wild. Such areas harbor numerous species including biting insects. You can have a safe trek from insect bites if you have an insect repellent. This can prevent you from inconveniencing insects.

Snacks & bottled water

Gorilla trekking expedition is unpredictable and energy demanding. You can have a round trek only if you are fit enough. You must be prepared enough for this adventure and this includes having some energy giving snacks plus bottled water. This will help keep you fit and hydrated on the search for a family of gorillas.

Waterproof backpack

Come along with a good daypack that is waterproof to help you carry some of the items that are essential during your gorilla trekking. The daypack should be lightweight to ease your work when trekking through the steep slopes and rainforest on a search for a group of mountain gorillas or eastern lowland gorillas.

Camera and extra batteries

The most memorable moment of trekking gorillas is when you finally locate them in the wild. It is during this period when all your mind should be set to capture pictures of these large apes while in their natural habitat. When choosing the best camera, ensure that you opt for one that is free of the flashlight.

Safari Hat

Weather conditions keep changing and you may not tell what happens when you are on actual gorilla trekking. A safari hat is essential because it saves you from the scotching sun heat.

Sun glasses

The sun glasses shouldn’t be left out of the gorilla trekking packing list. These are essential in protecting your eyes from light or sun rays. Carry the sun glasses that are lightweight and comfortable when you wear them.

Face masks and hand sanitizers

Have a pair of facemasks with you and hand sanitizer for you disinfect your hands prior to embarking on actual gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. This is intended to reducing any chances of gorillas contracting some of the infectious human diseases.

Hiking poles

You do not need to carry a trekking pole from your home country. At the lodge or park offices, visitors can hire one for their treks. This is to ease your walking on search for a group of gorillas since this adventure involves winding through the rainforest and in some cases in muddy area.

First aid or medical kit

Be prepared for any emergencies regardless of the destination you plan to go for gorilla trekking. The first aid kit or medical kit is one essential item not to be left out of the packing list. This should comprise of pain killers, anti-malaria tablets as prescribed by the medical officer back home.


Do not forget to pack toiletries even though you expect to find them at the hotel or safari lodge. Carry a small bottle of shampoo, soap, after-shave lotions, toothpaste, perfumes of your preference, deodorant and others.

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