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Uganda gorilla groups are widely distributed across different regions/sectors in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.bwindi baby gorilla A total of about 23 habituated groups exist in Uganda and these can be trekked with the lead of an experienced park guide. Here is the check-list of Uganda gorilla groups/families;

Gorilla groups in Bwindi

Within Bwindi, there are approximately 22 gorilla groups set for gorilla trekking and the other is open for gorilla habituation experience. At Bwindi NP, the gorilla groups are distributed in the 4 main regions/sectors of Nkuringo, Buhoma, Ruhija and Rushaga.

Mubare group

Mubare gorilla group is the first gorilla family to get habituated in Bwindi and the process lasted till 1993 when its members were officially opened for gorilla trekking. It is comprised of 12 members which range within Buhoma sector, the region lying at elevation of 1160m.

Habinyanja group

Habinyanja gorilla family also popular as the H- group is the 4th biggest group in Bwindi in terms of composition. This family is comprised of 17 individuals that are led by one mature male (silverback).


Rushegura group is one of the best groups worth trekking in Buhoma region. This group is comprised of about 19 groups. Rushegura split itself from Habinyanja group in 2002 and is notably the calmest family in Bwindi Impenetrable NP.

Muyambi groupRwanda Gorillas gorilla Tour

This is one of the newly created groups now officially open for gorilla tourism in Bwindi NP. Muyambi is comprised of 6 individuals that are led by a silverback. It is an ideal group to explore if you are interested in refreshing experiences.

Katwe group

Katwe gorilla family is comprised of 11 members and features on the list of the newly habituated gorilla groups in Bwindi. This group is led by a dominant silverback and comprises of infants, and adult females.


Bunyindo completed its habituation process in 2021 and currently has 6 members. This group dwells around the Ivy River trail located at the border with Sarambwe Nature Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Biking group

Bikingi family is another special group that is open for gorilla trekking in Bwindi and this is open for trekking in Rushaga sector. It comprises of 11 individuals led by Bikingi silverback. Its habituation process started in 2012 when Mishaya family was undergoing habituation.

Kahungye group

Kahungye group is Bwindi’s biggest gorilla group. It has a composition of up to 25 members led by Ruziika silverback. It is an impressive group worth enthusiastic photographers shouldn’t miss to explore. Habituation process of Kahungye started in 2008 and at the time, it comprised of 29 members.

Nshongi family

Initially, Nshongi was recognized as the biggest group but due to continue splits, its composition further reduced. The original composition of this group stood at 36 members. It kept splitting creating Mishaya, and Bweza groups.

Bweza family

The Bweza gorilla family split from Nshongi in 2010 and after two years, it officially opened for gorilla tourism.  It comprises of 15 individuals under the leadership of Kakono silverback gorilla.


Mishaya group separated from Nshongi family in 2010 and by 2014, it was spotted with 12 gorillas. The number currently stands at 8 members following death of its 4 other members. The group is led by Tinfayo silverback gorilla.


The Kutu group is a new addition to Bwindi’s original gorilla families. This family is under the leadership of Kutu silverback and comprises of 7 members.


Busingye group is a peaceful group with composition of 9 members. It is led by one silverback and the group has adult females, juveniles, black backs, and infants.


Bitukura family is comprised of 11 individuals headed by a mature male gorilla. This group features as the first family to open for gorilla tourism in Ruhija region in 2008. It takes its name from Bitukura River and trekking it involves navigating via the steep valley areas.


This group has a composition of 15 individuals and habituation process started in 1999. It was maintained for research for many years but later, it was opened for gorilla trekking.


Mukiza separated from Kyaguriro family in 2016. It has 15 members consisting of sub-adults, adults, infants, juveniles and more.

Oruzogo family

Oruzogo is a habituated group in Ruhija area, and at the time when it was being habituated, it had a composition of 17 individuals. The group features adult females, black backs, infants, sub-adults and others.

Posho group

Posho is among the newly created families officially open for trekking and also available for gorilla habituation experience. It holds 9 individuals led by a silverback gorilla.

Nkuringo family

Nkuringo is the oldest group to open for tourism in Nkuringo sector. It has a composition of 12 members under the leadership of Rwamutwe. It also featured the oldest silverback –Rafiki making him the oldest in history in Southern Bwindi.


Bushaho family has a composition of 10 individuals led by Bahati silverback. This roams around the Bushaho area between Rushaga and Nkuringo region. This is one of the groups that separated from Nkuringo group.


Christmas family consists of 9 individuals also formerly members of Nkuringo group family. Habituating this group never took longer time like other gorilla families.


Freely roaming within the Rushaga sector, Mucunguzi group is an amazing group that is open for trekking in Bwindi. It holds several female mountain gorillas unlike most gorilla families in Bwindi.


Rwigi broke off from Kahungye group and this group is open for trekking in Rushaga region. It has a composition of 6 individuals led by Rwigi silverback gorilla.

At Mgahinga NP

Nyakagezi group

Located in Kisoro, Mgahinga NP has only Nyakagezi group –the only habituated family that is open for tourism. The group has a composition of 9 members led by Mark silverback.

Aside from trekking gorillas in Mgahinga NP, visitors can also add golden monkey tracking. This park lies within the Virunga region, an area where the endangered golden monkeys survive from.

In summary, Uganda has the largest number of habituated groups of mountain gorillas compared to any gorilla safari destination. Its gorilla families range from the 2 parks thus presenting guests abundant opportunities to realize their dreams when it comes to gorilla trekking safaris.

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