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Our safaris in Congo take you to explore some of the best attractions in Congo, one of the untapped destinations in Africa. A visit to the D. R. Congo guarantees you mesmerizing experiences. The D.R. Congo is Africa’s 2nd biggest country and is bordered by many states including Uganda, Rwanda, Angola, etc. It boasts of its abundantly untapped natural resources from wildlife to cultures and in this article, we are looking at the different attractions to explore in this rich country.

Congo Tour Packages

tourists trekking gorillas in Bwindi forest

3 Days Lowland Gorilla Tour

Book 3 days lowland gorilla safari to Kahuzi Biega national park Congo starting from Kigali

baby gorilla in Bwindi national park

4 Days Congo Gorilla Trek

1 Day Uganda gorilla trekking from Kigali to Bwindi national park and back to Kigali for departure

12 Days East Africa Safari

Book 12 days safari in Congo, Rwanda Uganda with lowland gorillas, wildlife and primates

nyiragongo hiking Congo

3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike

3 Days hiking Nyiragongo volcano in Congo starting and ending in Kigali

experiece gorillas in rwanda

5 Days Safari in Congo

5 days safari in Congo offering gorilla trekking in Virunga and nyiragongo volcano hike

The top attractions in Congo

The Congo River

The Congo River is an amazing natural resource Congo has to offer the world. This is the world’s 2nd extensive river system and notably the deepest with huge volume of water. It is a scenic and biodiverse site with 713 fish species, hippos, birds, crocodiles and scenic waterfalls. It is an important source of energy with over 40 power plants built along it.

Lake Kivu

Lying at the border between Rwanda and Congo, Lake Kivu is a spectacular rift valley lake. It is strategically located in an area where you can also connect to other tourist sites in Congo (Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park) and Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park). Lake Kivu attracts visitors who desire relaxation, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, island shopping, fishing tours and more.

Idjwi Island

On Congo safari, Idjwi Island is one of the stunning islands worth exploring. The island measures up to and is Africa’s second biggest inland island. It is home to more than 200,000 people who depend mostly on subsistence farming and small scale fishing. In the 18th century, Idjwi Island became a kingdom and was linked to the ruling monarchy of Rwanda by then. It is one of the best sites to visit while on a tour in Kahuzi-Biega National Park or Virunga NP. The island is accessible by boat about 2 hours from Bukavu.

Virunga National Park

Explore the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest park and also one of the UNESCO Sites in the D.R. Congo. Created in 1925, Virunga NP is set in the Eastern side of Congo and originally, it was formed as a single protected area together with Volcanoes National Park. The Virunga NP offers refuge to iconic animals including mountain gorillas, okapis, hippos, chimpanzees, lions, elephants and more. The top experiences to enjoy in the Virunga NP include mountain gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo Volcano hiking, birding, nature walks and more.

Mount Nyiragongo

Nyiragongo Volcano is a special attraction in Virunga National Park Congo. Rising at an elevation of 3470m, Nyiragongo is one of the active volcanoes on planet earth. It has recorded remarkably several volcano eruptions including the most recent of 2021. A hike to the summits of Nyiragongo requires 2-3 days and for long safaris, you can combine hiking adventures and mountain gorilla encounters in the park.

Gorilla trekking in Virunga

Mountain gorilla trekking is the major draw of tourists to the Virunga National Park Congo. The trek through Virunga NP is a great chance to encounter the massive mountain gorillas in the wild. This park houses about 8 habituated gorilla families each visited by a maximum of 8 guests.

Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage

After/before the adventures in the Virunga National Park, a visit to Senkwekwe Orphanage should be a must-do. This is where you can the eastern lowland gorillas and some mountain gorillas. It is a rehabilitation site for rescued gorillas and is ideal for visitors who spend a night at Mikeno Lodge.

Museums & historical sites

Several museums and historical sites exist within Kinshasa –the vibrant city in the D.R. Congo. The key historical and museum sites to visit include the Palais de la Nation, National Museum of Kinshasa, and others. These sites can easily be explored on Kinshasa city tour.

Boyoma falls

Also most popular as Stanley waterfall, Boyoma falls is a series of 7 waterfalls and they stretch about 100km along a curve of the river between Kisangani and Ubundu. They were initially named after Henry Morton Stanley who explored the area and today, these are some of the special wonders awaiting you on Congo tour.

Salonga National Park

Lying within the Congo River basin and spanning over the area of 3656000ha, Salonga NP is one of the densely forested parks and is a recognized UNESCO site. It is boasts of its rich biodiversity including faunal species like forest elephants, bongo antelopes, African golden cats, leopards, bonobos, Salonga monkeys, okapis, Tshuapa red colobus monkeys, and African slender snouted crocodiles.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Okapi Reserve is a special destination in Congo and is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. It extends up to featuring diversity of fauna including okapis, forest elephants, forest buffaloes, leopards, bongo antelope and several primates.


D.R. Congo is one of the best destinations that offer excellent caving experiences. The cave exploration in the D.R. Congo involves conquering caves such as Dimba cave, Matupi cave in Ituri forest, Thysville caves, and Kakanda malachite caves and more.

Birds of Congo

The D.R. Congo boasts of its diverse bird species which make it a special birding destination. The check-list of birds to identify on Congo birding tour include white-bellied bustard, African green pigeon, Denham’s bustard, Eurasian thick knee, Eurasian reed warblers, Albertine owlet, White napped pigeon, Congo peafowl, Congo sunbird, Congo bay owl, black stork ciconia nigra, stork mycteria ibis, Rockefeller’s sunbird, guineafowls, great blue turacos and more.

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